De zeven geboden van de Nike Run Club

In augustus was ik op citytrip in Londen (van horen zeggen… 😉 ). Daar heb ik meegelopen met de Nike Run Club. Ik heb al verteld hoe megafantastischgeweldig dat was en ik droom van de dag dat het in België ook wordt opgericht (please Nike, please?). In afwachting daarvan vond ik de zeven heilige geboden van de Nike Run Club. En omdat ik graag dingen deel (Cross Media Girl enzo 😉 ), hier zijn ze:

  1. We are all meant to be runners.

Running doesn’t turn anyone away at the door. If we want to bring out the runner inside us, we just have to lace up and get out.

  1. We are not just runners. We are athletes.

It takes more than a pair of legs to be fast. It takes our entire body, mind and unbreakable spirit.

  1. Every run has a purpose

Some days we’ll feel pushed. Some days we’ll push back. Find the meaning in every mile.

  1. Respect every workout. Fear no workout.

It’s going to be hard. That’s why we love it. Respect is earned from doing the work. So get out and get after it.

  1. Embrace your weakness. Then erase it.

With regular and consistant work, our weaknesses can become our strenghts.

  1. Measure success in as many ways as you can.

Not every run will be our farthest or fastest, but every run is an achievement and should be seen as such.

  1. We believe in you, even if you don’t

On days when we feel less than our best, we can always seek motivation from our community. Nike Run Club is here to remind us that our best is always within our reach.

Snappen jullie nu waarom ik een Nike Run Club in België wil? ASAP please! 😉

Bron afbeelding: Nike (dûh).

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